I am an RA/TA; how will my appointment work with the Billing?

Students with a 25% or higher appointment may expect to be billed at the resident rate for the college from which they are seeking a degree. Graduate students with appointments should review the Tuition/Fees link under the Financial Aid & Billing link on MyUI for the most current information regarding the rate at which they are being billed. In addition, Graduate students with a 25% or higher appointment may expect to receive a tuition scholarship based on the COGS agreement. For more information regarding this tuition scholarship see the Graduate College site.

Students receiving a monthly paycheck from the University may elect to participate in the payroll deduction plan offered by the Cashier’s Office.  This plan will allow the deduction of the minimum monthly payment from your upcoming monthly paycheck.  Individuals that elect to participate in this deduction agreement will not be considered past due or have any penalties incurred during the period following the due date, until the deduction from payroll takes place.  You may elect to participate in this program by returning the following completed authorization, located here, to the Cashier’s Office at Room 5, Calvin Hall.