Can I pay the contract charges (tuition, room, and board) in installments?

Students may elect to take advantage of the Deferred Payment Plan, which allows students to pay their contract charges in 3 monthly installments for the Fall & Spring semesters and 2 installments in the summer.


The due dates for the Deferred Payment Plan by semester are:

Fall – August 22nd, September 22nd, October 22nd

Spring – January 22nd, February 22nd, March 22nd

Summer – June 22nd, July 22nd


There is no formal enrollment process to take advantage of the Deferred Payment Plan. Students who wish to participate in the Deferred Payment Plan must pay at least the “Minimum Payment Due” listed on each monthly billing statement to keep the account in good standing. A Deferred Payment Fee will be billed one time per semester for students who take advantage of making installment payments. The fee is $20 for the Fall and Spring semesters and $15 for the Summer.