Billing Policies and Procedures

To keep your account in good standing, payment of at least the Minimum Payment Due as shown on the current U-Bill must be received by the end of business on the due date. (Graphic below is an example of summary information displayed on the August U-Bill.)

U-Bill Statement Summary

When the Minimum Payment Due is not received by the due date, the account is considered past due. If the past due balance is $100 or greater, charging privileges are restricted.  Students who are past due are also subject to restricted registration, which prevents the individual from registering for classes. 

All past due accounts are assessed a $25 late payment fee.  This fee is automatically added to the next U-Bill and is included in the new Minimum Payment Due amount.

Removal of Restrictions

To reinstate registration and charging privileges the amount past due must be paid-in-full to bring the account current and remove all restrictions.

For example, in the graphic above, if no payment was received by 5:00 p.m. on 8/22, this account would become restricted for charging and restricted for registration.  To remove these restrictions, the minimum payment amount of $1,741.50 would need to be received and posted to the individual’s U-Bill account.  A $25.00 late payment fee would be added to the September U-Bill and would be included in the September Minimum Payment amount.

Refund Policy

  1. Students who voluntarily drop from school must make official withdrawal through the Registrar's Office to receive a refund of tuition paid.
  2. Monthly U-Bill statements will be generated even if and overpayment is made creating a credit balance. Future UBill statements will show new charges as well as the updated credit balance.
  3. Credit balances are automatically refunded following these guidelines:
    1. Students: Refund is processed if the student does not register for the next regular semester or in the event of withdrawal from current registration. A processing period of 45 days may be required for such a refund and the account must have no activity for 60 days.
    2. Employees: Refund is processed upon request or 60 days after no longer employed.
    3. Other: Refund is processed when there has been no activity on the account for 60 days.
  4. A request for refunds must be made by the account holder to acquire earlier refunding.
  5. Payment to this account by someone other than the student is accepted by the University in the name of the student.
  6. Any refunds of credit balances due to withdrawal or overpayments will be made directly to the student.

Billing Rights Summary

In Case of Error or Inquiries About Your Bill

Send your inquiry in writing on a separate sheet so that the University receives it within 60 days after the bill was mailed to you. Your written inquiry must include:

  1. Your name and University number;
  2. A description of the error and why (to the extent you can explain) you believe it is an error, or if you need more information, a description of the item you are unsure about.
  3. The dollar amount of the suspected error.

You remain obligated to pay the items of your bill not in dispute, but you do not have to pay any amount in dispute during the time the University is resolving the dispute.

During the same time, the University may not take any action to collect disputed amounts or report disputed amounts as past due.

If you have a problem with property or services purchased with a credit card, you may have the right not to pay the remaining amount due on them if you first try in good faith to return them or give the University a chance to correct the problem.

This is a summary of your rights: a full statement of your rights and the University's responsibilities under the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act will be sent to you both upon request and in response to a billing error notice.