I have a past due U-Bill, what do I do?

  • If you are a current student

Current students, please refer to Payment Options and Service Charges   In order to avoid collection when no longer a student please be sure to update your address, phone and email information so that the University can reach out to you to help you resolve a past due account.

  • If you are a former student, faculty/staff or general public

The University Billing and Loan Collections department is responsible for collecting delinquent U-Bill balances of former students, current and former faculty and staff as well as the general public.  Internal collection efforts commence when an account has received three billing statements and charges remain unpaid.  A past due letter is mailed to account holders informing them of the past due balance, explaining the consequences that could result due to non-payment and offering payment plan assistance.  Upon receipt of this letter, please contact the University at 319-335-0071 or 800-943-4557 to discuss payment options if unable to pay in full.  A billing account specialist is assigned to each past due account and will work with you on a satisfactory payment arrangement.  If you do not contact the University upon receipt of the past due letter,  efforts are made to contact the account holder at phone numbers and emails on file in order to arrange a payment plan if the account cannot be paid in full.  If regular monthly payments are received the account will remain in University collection and will not be referred to a third-party collection agency.  

Registration and charging privileges are restricted and transcripts will not be released until the past due balance is paid in full.

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