Payment Options

Billing statements are generated the first working day of each month, and are normally due around the 22nd of the month.  

Students are sent official notification that their U-Bill is available for review via email to their email address.  Students have 24/7 access to view their accounts online using MyUI, and can anticipate the availability of their U-Bill around the first of the month, for each month there is a balance due and/or transaction activity on their account.

If our office has not received at least the minimum payment due by the monthly due date, your account may be restricted and a late payment fee may be assessed.  If you do not receive an email please notify the University Billing Office as soon as possibleMissed or undeliverable email is not an acceptable reason for late payment and will not exempt the account from restrictions or late payment fees.  

Statements include Contract Charges (Tuition, Room and Meal Plan) and Miscellaneous Charges(all other items). Contract charges for the semester will be billed in full as follows:

  • Fall Semester - August
  • Winter Semester - December
  • Spring Semester - January
  • Summer Semester - June

The University Billing Office offers two payment options:

  1. Pay the "Statement Balance" at the beginning of each semester.
  2. Pay the "Minimum Payment" which will automatically enroll the account in the Deferred Payment Plan.

Paying Balance in Full

If you choose to pay the full amount of the contracted items you will pay the total shown as the "Statement Balance" by the date indicated on your U-Bill.

Deferred Payment Plan

Paying an amount less than the Statement Balance automatically enrolls your account in the Deferred Payment Plan. Students will have the option to pay contracted items (Tuition, Room and Meal Plan) in three installments during the Fall and Spring semesters as follows:

  • Fall Semester - August, September, October
  • Spring Semester - January, February, March

A $20.00 Deferred Payment Fee will be assessed on the last installment of the semester if you choose this billing option.

During the Summer Semester installments can be paid as follows:

  • Summer Semester - June, July

A $15.00 Deferred Payment Fee will be assessed on the last installment of the summer semester if you choose this billing option.

The Minimum Payment displayed on the U-Bill is calculated by billing the appropriate portion of the total contracted charges, plus all miscellaneous charges you have incurred during the month.