Third Party Collection Agency Referral

My account has been referred to a third-party collection agency, now what do I do?

Once an account is referred to a third-party collection agency you will no longer receive billing statements from the University.

  • Account holders who wish to pay their debt should contact the third-party collection agency directly in order to make payment arrangements.
  • Student records will be remain on hold, meaning transcripts cannot be requested and classes cannot be registered for, until the University receives proof of the paid debt from the third-party collection agency.
  • The University receives a payment file once a month from each third-party collection agency. Once the payments are applied and the balance is zero, the student’s registration hold will automatically be removed. Since a file is only received once per month, the paid-in-full status may not be immediately reflected by the University even if the student has paid the third-party collection agency in full. The student can contact the University directly at 319-335-0071 or 800-943-4557 and speak with a billing account specialist in order to review the account to see if the restrictions can be removed prior to the University receiving the funds from the third-party collection agency.

Account holders that are not able to pay their debt in full will normally be offered a repayment arrangement by the third-party collection agency.  Account holders choosing to do this should make their monthly payments directly to the third-party collection agency. Account holders on a payment plan with a third-party collection agency are still not in good standing with the University, even if making regular payment. In order for account holders to have their registration, transcript and charging restrictions removed, the University requires that payment be received in full from the third-party collection agency.

Third-Party Collection Agency List

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