Employer Deferment

Students who receive tuition reimbursement from their employer can request to have the payment of their tuition and fees deferred until the end of the semester (about 30 days after grades are posted on MyUI) for a fee of $35.00 per semester. The deferment only applies to tuition and mandatory fees. All other charges on your monthly bill will need to be paid as billed. This agreement does not include course fees or any other fee associated with your registration.

To apply for this deferment, the Employer Deferment Request must be fully completed by the student through MyUI no later than the enrollment deadline (see below for deadlines by semester). 

Agreements can cover multiple semesters and expire at the end of the academic year.  Students that wish to continue with the deferred payment agreement must submit a new form no later than the enrollment deadline for the semester they plan to attend.

Employer Deferment Enrollment Deadlines

  • Fall Semester - August 1
  • Winter Semester - December 1
  • Spring Semester - January 1
  • Summer Semester - June 1

Qualifying students must pay the deferred tuition balances by the following dates:

  • Fall Semester - January 22
  • Winter Semester - February 22
  • Spring Semester - June 22
  • Summer Semester - September 22

An accepted Employer Deferment Request does not result in the University billing the employer directly. The student will remain financially responsible for the balance of their bill and all restrictions will apply if payment is not received by the due dates stated above.