Refund Policy

  1. Students who voluntarily drop from school must make official withdrawal through the Registrar's Office to receive a refund of tuition paid.  Information regarding the percentage of assessed tuition and fees that students are held responsible for when dropping or withdrawing from classes can be viewed here:  

    Monthly U-Bill statements will be generated even if an overpayment is made, creating a credit balance on the U-Bill.  Future U-Bill statements will show new charges as well as the updated credit balance.
  2. Credit balances are automatically refunded following these guidelines:
    1. Students: Refund is processed if the student does not register for the next regular semester or in the event of withdrawal from current registration. A processing period of 45 days may be required for such a refund and the account must have no activity for 60 days.
    2. Employees: Refund is processed upon request or 60 days after no longer employed.
    3. Other: Refund is processed when there has been no activity on the account for 60 days.
  3. A request for refunds must be made by the account holder to initiate an earlier refund.
  4. Payment to this account by someone other than the student is accepted by the University in the name of the student.
  5. Any refunds of credit balances due to withdrawal or overpayment will be made directly to the student.