Information for Taxpayers Regarding Higher Education Tax Credits

The Hope and Lifetime Learning Tax credits were made available through the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 to give qualified* students or parents a credit for qualified* tuition/fees. The form designated to report this information will be the 1098-T. The University of Iowa University Billing Office will be responsible for reporting to the students and the Internal Revenue Service the 1098-T information.

These forms will be mailed to student's current residing address on file with the University by January 31. The form itself will contain the following information reported to the Internal Revenue Service; student name, address, social security number, whether the student was in a graduate program, if enrolled at half time or more, the total qualified tuition and fees billed, and total amount of gift aid for the calendar year reported.

Note: The 1098-T information is also available on MyUI. Simply login, select the Financial Aid & Billing link, then select the Hope 1098-T Tax Information link. 

If you have questions about this information, you can contact the University Billing Office at:, call 319-335-0071 or 1-800-943-4557, or write to University Billing Office, Room 5 Calvin Hall, Iowa City, IA 52242.

*Additional information regarding tax credits for higher education can be obtained from the Department of Education site or from IRS Publication 970 (Tax Benefits for Higher Education),

*IRS Form 8863. Education Credits (Hope and Lifetime Learning Credits) can be downloaded from