Loans We Administer

Do I contact The University of Iowa/ECSI for all of my student loans?

The University Billing and Loan Collections office is responsible for the billing and collection of Federal campus-based and Institutional student loans.  Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI (ECSI) handles the administration and billing for University of Iowa student loans.

Loans We Administer Loans We Do NOT Administer
Federal Perkins Loans *William D. Ford Direct Loans
Health Professions Loans *Stafford Loans
Primary Care Loans Private Loans
Nursing Loans Parent PLUS Loans
Nurse Faculty Loans  
University of Iowa Institutional Loans  

* For information on these types of loans, please contact the loan servicing center that maintains your loan.  If you do not know which loan servicing center handles your loan, please contact the Billing and Loan Collections Office at 319-335-0071 or

Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI
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